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The KOLSS is on the market of the IT for more than 15 years and all the days development and making software which focuses on innovative products and strategic solutions in information technology. In addition, KOLSS offers its customers consulting projects which contribute to increase the quality of services in the IT area, with solutions for specific demands, project management, governance and business continuity. Our effective performance is maintained by a team of professionals committed with that makes , which are constantly updating their knowledge to deliver to our customers a complete and efficient design, always respecting their needs and goals. The KOLLS's mission is to serve all the needs in relation to technologies and services in an manner integrated and always in accordance with tax organs Brazilians and we are recognized in the segment by the quality in the provision of services, transparency and high flexibility in everything we do. We operate in solutions Mastersaf, Oracle, and SAP in different segments business.

Mission, Vision and Values


Business Management and Information Technology Opportunities in understanding the needs of its customers, ensuring return on investment by implementing the best consulting services and business solutions based in IT.
Be reference in solutions and projects developing IT Products and Services following three pillars: Simplicity, Flexibility and Integration.
Long-term commitment to the market, ethics, humility, agility and flexibility, focus on results, excellence in simplicity, respect for the environment, social responsibility.


  • Years of experience in the innovation and creating management software

  • Specialized professionals to provide quality solutions in a short term

  • Projects developed and delivered successfully

The KOLSS provides a full range of solutions to the market. We serve all needs in relation to technologies and services in an integrated manner.
The technical team is in a constant state of attention to assimilate the best market practices. The process are constantly, to show adherence to recommended methodological practices and policies of its clients. Is large development of the methodology project implementation, based on best practice found on the market (PMI) and enriched by the experience of projects carried out by our staff.
The KOLSS offers its customers consulting projects in information technology that contribute to increase the quality of services in these areas, with solutions for specific demands, project management, governance and business continuity.
Recognized in the segment for its quality in the provision of services and high flexibility of action, acts in major market niches, mainly, in consulting and in the development of products, tools and services.


  • Competitive Prices

    Competitive Prices

    Ability to generate lasting relationships and consequent reduction in cost of sales

  • Change Management

    Monitoring new processes and to overcome the natural resistance associated with change

    Change Management
  • Business View

    Conversion of information technology in new business opportunities, creating value and reducing costs

    Business View
  • Complete Solutions

    Strategy, business consulting, implementation and integration

    Complete Solutions
  • Metodology

    Continuous learning processes and best practices in project management

  • Agility in Service

    Focus on customer needs and commitment to deadlines and goals

    Agility in Service


Fruits of this 15 years in search of innovation were born two exclusive solutions, that has helped large companies and generating amazing success stories, check out:


The solution in automation and storage XML, bringing tranquility and organization to your company.



A solution for the accounting offices, helping and archiving all the XMLs of the your clients, and can be accessed anytime or anywhere.



With the various product lines we work in partnership with Thomson Reuters , giving to our customers safety and tranquility.
Implementation of end-to-end solution and new modules, functional and technical mapping, integration with ERPs to market: SAP, Oracle EBS consulting, outsourcing, consulting and training.

Thomson Reuters

Mastersaf Solutions

Strategic Planning for Information Technology:

• Situational diagnosis
• Analysis of alternative solutions, with market applications, own development and outsourcing
• Defining management environments, systems and technology
• Adequacy of processes
• Preparation of macro budget
• Determination of the strategic plan and implementation schedule

Technological Risk Management

• Physical and logical security plans
• Contingency plans
• Business Continuity Plans


Brazil Korea Chamber and Brasil China Chamber


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